Saturday, December 24, 2011

6AM Ramblings

The best time I ever had was with you
and lately I've been pretending it never happened,
in a way

Ignoring the realization that's never changed,
long ago I told myself that falling in love with an asshole
was the worst yet most meaningfully romantic gesture
I ever attempted to commit to, by the way
I jest with the gesture word

The happiest I've ever been is with a whore,
someone so broken that I felt superior or somewhat helpful,
or did I really love her, or was it her eyes, ass or the smile she carried,
who knows? I don't.

The worst part of my life, what defines who I truly am,
I've ignored it for too long, the gloves of my crimes grown over
with dust and regret, the best part of my life, the worst

I miss you, but I can't deal with letting you go again,
so I will acknowledge that you still are alive in me
so long as you stay out there, away from me