Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dust The Spotlight

It all seems like an act
When you come off defensive
Testing me to see where I'll give,
where I'll take, searching for an agenda

It all seems like an act
When I lie down next to you
I say it's no problem for me, I'm mature,
but I lay there with guilt and attraction
fighting amidst thoughts of you holding my
hand while giving birth to my child or standing
with baseball bat in hand next to your husband,
wishing me no mercy for simply being human

It all seems like an act
When you tell me of your love
Explaining the ins and outs of your
time here and how you use those terrible
moments, the worst, how you turn them into
something positive or leave them behind

It all seems like an act
With no curtain pulled
The shades down tightly in mid-morning
No sunlight, just silhouettes dancing slowly
Holding onto you, your heartbeat speeding under my arm,
faster and faster until we're both so caught up we let out laughs,
and I match my breathing to yours, slow but shallow, and I'm fine