Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Now?

There was a moment,
a clearly unexplainable moment
that I realized I wanted
to eat this girl's pussy so bad I ached, literally ached,
my cock swelled with my lack of any decency or pride
and had me so snug downstairs that it was nearly impossible to hide
with mere shifting in my seat or crossing my legs
like I'm Sharron's character in some movie
that titled itself on instinct,
and all she'd do is giggle shyly at my advances,
never quite saying no, and I stalled in the door
using wordplay like "I'm Joseph Stalin"
and she again giggled,
but this time it was because she knew a bit of history,
in that moment I felt I understood very little about her,
I knew I wanted to know more than I can learn in bed
with a woman who seemed to be offering me her's,
my ego wasn't enough,
my curiosity is peaked,
what now of this moment?