Monday, February 7, 2011

Thoughts As Long As The Days

Thoughts of being alone with my mind and genitals seep in,
and that's when the weight of it all hits with it's hardest blow,
the fact that there's no one here to feel
the breaths blow from between my lips
when I share the inner most parts of myself,
as well as there's no beautiful woman blowing me,
taking my mind away from all the torture of being alone,
instead, I'm typing about it in mid-afternoon
with a hard-on the happy pills won't let cross
the messiest of finish lines
and nowhere moist to run the race
regardless of my love for breaking tape.

It's in these moments that I feel the duality of man kicking in,
times when I'd sacrifice any chance of something real
for something I can, at the least, pretend is real,
even if only so long as to again realize my heart longs for more,
knowing all the while my mind and body wouldn't so much give a shit,
knowing that talking from the heart is just a commoner's way
of describing that they don't know what they want,
but they want something, I want something,
and I don't know who or what that something is supposed to be

© 2011 William A. Robertson (All Rights Reserved)