Friday, January 7, 2011

Reactions To Ordinary Things

I was standing there
losing my breath
over the stove,
waiting for the burner
to get hot enough
to ignite my calm

Forgotten memories of the night
were coming back at me
like boxing gloves, swaying me
in my socks on the linoleum floor,
spinning every thought out of control

I tried like hell
to just come back in my mind
to hold a former lover once more,
to step in the ocean for the first time,
to pull the handbrake not knowing
how the little car would react,
but my heart raced
for entirely
different reasons
I knew too well

I noticed the smoke from the burner getting thick,
I took a drag, blew out into the dimly lit kitchen
and stared at a cobweb behind the edge of the refrigerator
for a few seconds before turning off the burner
and heading towards my room

With smoke trailing behind me,
cigarette dangling from my lips,
I push open the bedroom door
like a train through a stranded semi-truck

I think about helpless tracks
having to watch the horror of my path
as I stumble past trophies of some former life

Pictures of me
staring back with a smile
as I sit in front of the open window,
rain beating through the limbs,
headlights flowing through
the drops like kaleidoscopes

I think of light bouncing off her eyes,
I think of slide turns
in neighborhoods unknown to me,
I think of you, and you and you...

© 2011 William A. Robertson (All Rights Reserved)