Monday, January 31, 2011

And So She Returns

She's been coming into my dreams for days,
this beautiful girl I fell in love with long ago,
having conversations with me that I can't remember,
and I laugh at my silliness when I realize
it's just me talking to myself in here

It doesn't feel like it used to,
that nagging that would tear a hole in my gut,
the sense that the only woman worthy of my time
were throwing herself to the wolves and gone,
now, instead, I look at my watch and laugh about
all the time I spent thinking about someone
who never lost a moment of sleep for me

The girl who almost took her place
is moving back to Little Rock now,
and she's saying for the 30th time
that she's getting a divorce,
I don't buy it, but I do want
to buy her a drink and see if she
can still make me feel like a handsome man,
dancing amongst the lies I tell myself
and the ones she spills out over the table,
interspersed with just enough truth
to keep the interest of a man
who no longer calls dreams filled
with women he can't have around

© 2011 William A. Robertson (All Rights Reserved)