Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two Stars Pulling One Another

I miss your hands on the back of my head as I lay here tonight,
holding a pillow in my arms, eyes closed, lights on,
music on the radio I began listening to
just before we came back together
for the last time

I remember telling you how we were stars too close like this,
in each others arms, you hugged me so right,
and when you backed away your hand came up to my face,
I closed my eyes as you traveled behind my mind,
pulled me down until our lips met

That moment still sticks out as one
of the smoothest movements I've ever been guided into,
and it all comes back to me, through this pillow,
through this room you've been to,
through these thoughts of you
that keep me from sleep,
the only place I see you anymore

© 2010 William A. Robertson (All Rights Reserved)